Why Restaurant Managers Care About Food Safety Training

Restaurant managers know that they have a responsibility to protect their customers and employers from the consequences of a food safety incident, which requires all employees who handle food in the business to complete food safety training.
Why Restaurant Managers Care About Food Safety Training
March 8, 2017

Staff members need to clearly understand which precautions to take when preparing, storing and serving foods, as well as how certain factors can impact the safety of food.

Managers prefer to hire staff with food safety training 

According to research conducted on a sampling of managers within the food service industries, a significant percentage of general and training managers indicated that they would be willing to provide higher pay or bonuses for workers with the appropriate food safety training.

The study in question discovered that around 72 percent of restaurant managers would be more likely to hire someone for kitchen or service roles if those individuals had the appropriate food safety training.

A food safety training course needs to cover multiple topics, such as how to properly wash your hands to remove all traces of bacteria; how to prevent cross-contamination in a kitchen and how to ensure that foods are properly cooked, chilled and prepared to reduce the risk of food-borne illnesses.

The right training in food safety practices and handling is not just important when it comes to maintaining food quality and reducing the risk of food poisoning, it also presents the right image to the public that a business cares about its customers.

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