Why Online Food Handler Training Is the Future

Discover how online Food Handler training is enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of food safety education in Canada.
Food Handler working on tablet device
February 6, 2024

Food Handler training is undergoing a digital transformation, with online learning technology making vital food safety knowledge more accessible than ever before. In this blog, we will demonstrate how online Food Handler training is revolutionizing the approach to food safety education in Canada.

Before we explore the advantages of online learning, let's first discuss the significance of Food Handler training as a whole.

Understanding the Importance of Food Handler Training

The Government of Canada estimates that over four million cases of food-borne illness occur annually, many of which are caused by unsafe food handling practices that allow food-borne pathogens to contaminate the food we eat. This illustrates the need for strict food safety protocols in food-related businesses. 

Professional Food Handler training is critical to the safe and responsible operation of a food business. Food Handlers are tasked with recognizing the typical causes of food-borne illnesses and implementing suitable measures to prevent them.

Fortunately, the Canadian Institute of Food Safety (CIFS) is on hand to ensure that all food-handling employees receive proper training, which not only ensures consumer safety but also enhances career opportunities for all food industry professionals obtaining certification.

A strong grasp of food safety practices is often a key hiring factor. The CIFS Food Handler Certification Course equips individuals with the necessary skills to develop successful careers in a variety of business sectors such as retail, hospitality and food processing. 

Digital Learning: A New Normal For Food Handler Training

Given the dynamic nature of the food industry, staying up-to-date with the latest safety standards can be challenging. The online Food Handler training program offered by CIFS provides a convenient and adaptable solution for organizations located all over Canada.

Technological developments have enabled businesses to shift from in-person learning to digital training platforms like CIFS. These online courses offer an adaptable, user-friendly and convenient learning environment that accommodates the dynamic lifestyles of modern-day students.

Flexible Learning

The CIFS Food Handler Certification Course can be accessed immediately after enrolment and is available online, allowing you to participate at a time and place that suits you.

Although the entire program can be completed within a day, students have the option to spread their learning out over a 30-day period. This level of flexibility is ideal for food industry professionals who need to accommodate their learning within a busy work schedule.

Comprehensive Course Content

The online Food Handler course covers an extensive range of food safety topics organized into four distinct modules.

Module One: Understanding Food Safety

Lesson 1: Understanding food contamination

Lesson 2: Food-borne illness & allergy management

Lesson 3: Food safety laws & responsibilities

Module Two: Preventing Food-Borne Illness

Lesson 4: Personal hygiene & workplace behaviour

Lesson 5: Time & temperature control

Lesson 6: Cleaning & sanitizing

Lesson 7: Maintaining food premises & equipment

Module Three: Working With Food Safely

Lesson 8: Purchasing, receiving & storing food safely

Lesson 9: Preparing food safely

Lesson 10: Serving & dispensing food safely

Module Four: Managing Your Food Safety Plan

Lesson 11: Managing your food safety plan

This government-approved curriculum is designed to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of food safety that can be translated into responsible food-handling practices in the workplace.

Certification and Compliance

To successfully obtain your CIFS Food Handler Certification, you are required to complete each lesson and pass a final exam within 30 days. 

The final exam has a time limit of 60 minutes and requires participants to answer 50 multiple-choice questions. Participants have unlimited attempts to achieve the minimum score of 70%, but they must do so within the 30-day course access period.

To comply with Canadian law, the exam itself requires proctoring. A Proctor is a person who remotely observes you via a webcam while you complete the exam. Proctors are available 24/7, allowing you to take part in the exam at any time.

After passing the final exam, participants receive a government-approved certification recognized throughout Canada.

A Fast and Efficient Pathway To Certification

Every aspect of the CIFS Food Handler Certification Course is designed with efficiency in mind, allowing learners to fulfil their food safety training requirements as quickly as possible. Enrolment takes just a few minutes, and the course can be completed within eight hours, making it possible to achieve certification on the same day.

Online Food Handler training is not just about convenience; it provides the in-depth understanding of food safety practices essential for identifying and mitigating potential hazards in the workplace.

CIFS delivers a nationally recognized online Food Handler Certification Course that empowers staff to identify potential food safety hazards and understand how to overcome them effectively.

Enrol today or contact us to discover all the benefits of our online education platform.